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Sat Oct 23

Joo Won Successfully Completed his Fan Meeting in Thailand

2016-02-24 17:55:47
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[by Bae Jung Yun] Actor Joo Won revealed his power of K-wave by successfully completing his fan meeting held in Bangkok, Thailand.
The fan meeting ‘AIS 2016 The Best of Me, Joo Won’ was held at Muang Thai GMM Live House of Central World located in Bangkok, Thailand on February 20. About 2,300 fans participated in the event and shared communion.

He sang eight songs live on the stage at the event, which progressed for two hours. He unveiled his stage manner and singing ability just like a singer. During the performance, he went down from the stage in order to interact with his fans and showed his special love for them. A Q&A session and games heated up the atmosphere of the concert hall.

Particularly, fans showed off the slogan of ‘Come back Joo Won, we will wait for you’ as a special event and made him full of tears. Even the event was over, he did high-fives and made the eye contact with fans and proved himself as a ‘Fan Babo’ (A celebrity who truly loves its fans).

The event was planned to have 2,000 seats, but it increased the number of seats to 2,300 because of the passionate supports from fans. He also appeared in local press conference and TV talk show ‘Rueng Lao Sao Artid’.

‘Rueng Lao Sao Artid’, also called ‘Sorayuth show’, is famous TV talk show in Thailand, which is emceed by nation’s MC Sorayuth. Joo Won appeared in the show for three consecutive years and his episode proved its popularity by reaching viewing rate of over 70 percents.

Meanwhile, Joo Won is having his fan meeting tour to meet his Asian fans. In March, he is planning on visiting Japan and meeting his local fans. (photo by Sim Entertainment)


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