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Actresses’ ‘Attraction with Knitwear’

2016-10-13 16:20:22
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[by Lee Jushin] Now the temperatures are pretty low. People on the streets are carrying around a cardigan or a thin outerwear. The indefinite weather made our fashion also indefinite. An item that can perfectly settle this situation is knitwear. 

Recently knitwear is variously used for bikinis, crop tops, and cardigans, so it has settled as an item which is not limited to any particular season. However, it may still match this fall season the best. How about make styles with a knitwear which is not too thick but not too thin? 

A knitwear gives a warm feeling even when you just see it. Here’s how stars have recently used it.

#Hwang Jung Eum

There are people who just make you feel good even when you only look at them. Actress Hwang Jung Eum, who has become prettier after getting married, makes an issue by attracting the attention with her unique fashion sense. She selected a skyblue knitwear with collars that cover her shoulders, making her bell-bottom pants with edge details more outstanding. 

[Editor Pick] If you are sick of ordinary knitwear, how about a knitwear made from mixed and matched materials? Such a knitwear keeps your neck warm and makes you look cute with its twists and frills. 


Gain from Brown Eyed Girls has come back with her new album ‘End Again’ and is showing great activities. She is spending busy days recently, and has shown a chic, sexy all-black fashion at the preview for the movie, ‘Asura: The City of Madness’. Her loose black knitwear, which shows her shoulders, skinny jeans, and military boots showed her own charm.

[Editor Pick] Wear a warm, loose, off-shoulder knitwear, and you can emphasize your feminine charm. Add semi-flares to its sleeves and match denim pants, and you can complete looks that men want for their girlfriend. 

#Shin Dong Mi

Actress Shin Dong Mi, who are acting as a great supporting actress in dramas, has come back as a strong character for drama ‘The K2’. She attended an event in brown knitwear with points at the sleeves and the ends and wide pants, showing her basic, unique charm. 

[Editor Pick] A loose knitwear with punched parts is enough even without other items. Match a long flare skirts with dotted patterns, and you can show casual and feminine charms at the same time. (photo by: bntnews DB, Stylenanda)


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