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Mon Apr 23

Joo Won and BoA Are In Love!

2017-01-18 17:09:31
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[by Woorim Ahn] Joo Won and BoA admitted their relationship.

On January 18, Joo Won’s agency Huayi Brothers said, “We confirmed Joo Won and BoA are dating each other. We acknowledged that they became closer by sharing their hobbies.”

BoA’s agency SM Entertainment added, “They shared many hobbies such as music, hobbies and others and they fell for each other” and admitted the two’s relationship.

Joo Won and BoA are known as golf manias and they have many similarities. The similarities got to connect those two each other and ended up being in love.

Joo Won debuted in 2006 with musical ‘Alta Boys’ and built his filmographies with dramas ‘Gaksital’, ‘Good Doctor’, ‘Yongpal’ and others, and as a result, he won the grand award. He will appear in SBS drama ‘My Sassy Girl’ in May.

BoA debuted in 2000 and released many hit songs ‘No.1’, ‘My Name’, ‘Atlantis Girl’ and others. She became a star of Asia as she swept Japanese charts. She also changed to an actress as she showed up in movie ‘Big Match’ and drama ‘My Wife Is Having an Affair This Week’. (photo by bntnews DB)


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