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Thu May 24

‘You Are Beautiful3’ Wonderful Change of Challenger Yang Jin Ah Whose Breast Was Bigger Than Her Face

2017-03-23 17:20:16
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[by Lee Hye Jung] It causes a sensation that a challenger created a wonderful change in Chosun Broadcasting Company ‘You Are Beautiful3’, a makeover show for middle-aged women.

Yang Jin Ah, a challenger kicking off season 3, decided to appear on the TV because she had a trouble of breast and abdominal fat got bigger, caused by the childbirth of five times. Especially, she had the drooping breast with nipple downward and the lengthened abdominal walls with high abdominal fat, so it was urgent to make a corrective surgery of it.

So, the directors, the healing doctors from JK Plastic Surgery, Kim Sung Sik, Baek Hye Won, Kwon Sun Hong, and Bae Jun Sung threw themselves into her wonderful change with enthusiasm. At first, they underwent lifting surgery and liposuction into her breast and abdomen that abnormally got bigger to make her recover the natural appearance as if it were as she was 20 years ago. Along with this, they proceeded lifting of anti-aging, double eyelid and nose surgery to make her look younger for her age to raise her satisfaction.

Meanwhile, famous JK Plastic Surgery in Korea is equipped with aseptic operation room which applies US FED, STANDARD 209D, and possesses all the systems to cope with patient’s medical emergency such as emergency management team (CPR TEAM) for patients’ safety, emergency care equipment, and a system connected to general hospital. Also, it has held a great record of 0% of medical accidents for 20 years since its opening.
It tries to enhance patient satisfaction by offering systematic follow-up management after surgery. Also, it is known as a general plastic surgery center representing Korea, where anesthesiologist stays. (photo by ‘You Are Beautiful3’ captured image)


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