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Thu May 24

Pit-a-Pat! Spring Makeup for New Romance

2017-03-30 16:25:26
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[by Hwang Yeon Do] The hibernating season is over the warm spring energy is upon us. Along with the warm sunlight and spring breeze, our desires for romance are in full bloom.

Especially for those who are starting fresh in college, everyday must be filled with excitement. There might be many female students who wanted to have a style transformation before the new semester but couldn’t decide what was best for them. They might have purchased all kinds of trending beauty items but failed since they didn’t know how to use them. 

Aren’t romance the dream of the campus? This is for the struggling freshmen who are 2% short in romance and self-embellishment.

Even Skin Tones, Natural Base Makeup  

Because most women prefer pale and light skin, they tend try to make their skin look unconditionally bright and vibrant. However, excessive brightening can make your based makeup look washed out and ruin your look.

Therefore, it is most important to use a base product that matches your skin tone. Also, for the darker areas such as around your nose and lips and the dark circles, chose a concealer that is one tone brighter to create an even overall skin tone. An even skin tone is enough to portray clean and clear impression.

One more thing to keep in mind is to choose a base item that matches the texture of your skin. Applying a base that is well suited to your skin type will make it stick to your face firmly and increase the makeup retention.

‘One Point’ Lip Makeup

The best part to emphasize a point on your makeup is your lips. If the lip makeup trend of 2016 was MLBB that accentuates your natural look and for 2017, the ‘one point’ makeup is the new hype.

After apply a light base makeup, let’s energize your face with vivid juicy colored lips. Before you are applying a lip color, use a base to neutralize your natural lip tone. Recently, the semi-matte lip finish is in style rather than glossy finish so we recommend to use full pigmentation instead of gradation.

Since this is a makeup to emphasize the lips, stay away from the nudes and try using pink, peach or red colors. By filling in your lips with vivid color lipsticks, you will be able to create a high level look without wearing too much makeup.

Maybe? Maybe Not? Eye make up to steal a man’s heart

The main point of a lovely eye makeup that will capture the heart of your crush is ‘eyelashes that is not over curled’. First, apply a brown tone eyeshadow to give contrast and fill in between the lashes with an eyeliner.

Over curling your eyelashes can ruin the sophistication of your eye makeup so keep your eyelash curler in 15 degrees while you’re curling your eyelashes. Then add fake eyelashes that is just a bit longer than the length of your own lashes. The key is to use them only partially on the ends, instead of the whole eyes.

Finally apply waterproof mascara on top. Wipe off the brush with a tissue and comb your eyelashes to remove clumps. You will be able to create doll like eyes that looks natural.
[Beauty Items for Spring Makeup]

1. Bobbi Brown 'Skin Foundation SPF 15' is a product that creates a clean and pure skin to provide natural skin tone. The fine light reflective particles will give you a premium skin and the moist and light texture will naturally cover your pores naturally.

2. Innisfree 'Real Fit Velvet Lipstick' has 10 different pigmented and lovely colors. The velvet texture lightly covers the lips and it is perfect for spring. A gel complex that combines the oil and pigments will add moisturizing oil to the interior of your lips and softness to the outside to energize your overall look.

3. Shu Uemura 'Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte' has 24 different colors and the creamy texture will glide on your lips smoothly. The vivid pigmentation last for a long time without fading.

4. Kiss Me 'Super Water Proof Line' is a powerful waterproof product that hold up your curled eyelashes for long time without smudges. The curved brush match the eye shape effortlessly, so it is easy to apply and suitable for makeup beginners. (photo by bntnews DB, Bobbi Brown, Innisfree, Shu Uemura, Kiss Me)


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