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Thu May 24

Want to Shine Like Sandara Park, Gong Yoo and Taeyeon?

2017-04-06 17:54:26
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[by Lee Hye Jung] Stars are the objects of envy, and you cannot help yourself but envy their youthfulness as well as their good looks.

Although we age at a same pace, it seems like the same standards don’t apply to the stars and they definitely look better and well maintained to make everyone else jealous. How can we be like Sandara Park, Gong Yoo and Taeyeon, who shines after a long time in the entertainment business?

The public's aspiration for change can be seen in many make-over shows. Those who want to be beautiful and young, but who do not have time or money, appear on the make-over shows to fulfill the dream of making a 180-degree transformation.

TV Chosun’s ‘You Are Beautiful3’ is a TV show that is popular in Korea for middle-aged women who dream of make-over appear on the show. You can see those who achieve surprising confidence after transforming their bodies and minds that have withered so much as they age.

If you have big aspirations to transform yourself like the shining stars, it is also important to control your mind and putting in daily efforts to regain your confidence in your heart. As stress is the source of all problems, if you cannot control your mind, you will be tired easily and your aging process will speed up.

At the same time, a constant lifestyle effort is also needed. The easiest daily routine to prevent aging is to stimulate your face. As you get older, you are affected by gravity and you will eventually see your skin sagging. It will be effective if you massage and stimulate your sagging face by sweeping from the bottom to the top whenever you can.

However, if skin aging has already progressed considerably, and it is hard to change with simple lifestyle efforts. If you are under a lot of stress because you look extremely different from the past, considering anti-aging surgery such as face lifting can be am option.

Kwon Soon Hong director from JK Plastic Surgery Center, which specializes in anti-aging surgery, advises "If you want to improve your overall facial wrinkles and sagging, or if you are under a lot of stress because of the progressed aging signs, a face lifting surgery can be a solution. Along with a face-lift, you can see more improvements and look younger with lower blepharoplasty or removing under eyelid fats to recover the under eye sagging.”

In case of face lift surgeries, the patient can choose from the full face lift and mini-lift depending on the degree of aging and personal circumstances. There are various methods of anti-aging surgery such as lower blepharoplasty, fat transplantation, filler, Botox and so on, so that it can be appropriately selected according to the desired site and the degree of aging of the individual.

Kwon Soon Hong Director, advises “Many foreign patients visit us because they trust Korea’s advanced plastic surgery skills. Breast augmentation is a surgery that requires a various considerations, such as what type and size of the implant. Determine the most appropriate surgical procedure for you after a thorough consultation with your doctor before surgery.”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, is located in Apgujung, Seoul, and provides precise studying and diagnosis by using 'one-stop pre-operative test' through advanced medical imaging equipment and surgical equipment. In addition, an in-house permanent resident in the department of Anesthesiology is always available. In consideration of any emergency, CPR (emergency response) team, Emergency Kit, UPS uninterruptible power supply capable of sustaining operation during power outages and CRM monitoring system is available to ensure patient’s safety. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery, TV Chosun ‘You Are Beautiful3’ captured image, bntnews DB)


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