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Thu May 24

Gugudan Mina and Se Jung’s Cute and Fresh Look for Work

2017-04-13 17:21:06
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[by Kim Min Soo] Girl groups are becoming more powerful in entertainment industry, from arts, music and acting. Their charms covers all aspects from the cute and beautiful appearances, singing, and dancing. It is enough to make everyone smile just by simply looking at them.

Especially, the fashionable style an important part of enhancing their charms. They captivates the crowd with the girl groups’ unique cuteness and stylish production, but it also showcase new trends for women in their teens and twenties.

Recently, we were able to meet the girl group, Gugudan, who visited KBS hall to attend Music Bank rehearsals. Among them, Mina and Se Jung stood out from the rest. Which style did these two boasts to attract attention?


Mina is loved by her delightful charm, she boasted a cheerful youthfulness with two sided braids. In particular, she melted the hearts of the male fan with her daily looks as she does on the stage.

She doubled her sweetness with a bright pink outer wear and a hooded T-shirt, then matched a miniskirt to reveal her exuberant charm. She completed her work style with a backpack here and created a perfect style.

#Se Jung

On the other hand, Se Jung boasted a feminine charm wore a striped shirt with a mini skirt with flower embroidery to create a stylish look without trying too hard. In addition, the details of the cuffs on the shirt add a fashion point to enhance femininity.

The combination of shirts and skirts is one of the styles to look stylish and bright. If you match an item that contains vibrant colors or denim material, you can create more sophisticated moods.

#Editor`s Pick

If you walk the streets wearing a red hooded t-shirt with a check pattern mini skirt, you will grab everyone’s attention. The comfortable and stylish coordination is enough to attract men's curiosity.

If you want to concentrate attentions by adding points like Se Jung, pay attention to patterns and colors. They are basic items but you will be able to produce various styles. Vertical stripe patterns are especially good to create sophisticated style and it boasts lightness and natural effect. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)


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