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Tue May 22

Dream Catcher JiU On The Path To Glory

2017-04-22 17:53:29
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[by Kim Chiyoon] Artists were on the road to KBS’s building in Yeouido on April 21 for their Music Bank rehearsal.

There are idols who, beside their own names, are called other names. But sweet names. Nayeon and Jihyo of TWICE, respectively called ‘Adorable Nayeon’ and ‘Pretty Jihyo’ or Jiho of Oh My Girl, who is called ‘Fresh Jiho’.

Dream Catcher JiU will too. She’s the leader but also boast a very wide range of rich expressions.

You surely know already but Dream Catcher used to be called Minx. They made a second debut as Dream Catcher after adding two members. But JiU hasn’t changed, she is still the same hardworking girl who fights for her dream. On stage and off the stage.

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