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Thu May 24

Sechs Kies Comes Back for Their 20th Anniversary

2017-04-26 14:08:21
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[by Woorim Ahn] ‘Sad Song’ teaser was revealed.

On April 26, YG Entertainment disclosed a teaser video of ‘Sad Song’ by Sechs Kies through its official blog.

The video caught the fans’ heart as it reminds of a film’s trailer. Particularly, rose, wine glass, red apples and other various objet and members’ charming acting are very impressive.

Regarding this, Sechs Kies made their dream come true through the music video since they haven’t filmed a proper music video from their debut and they wished to make a music video like others.

As Yang Hyun Suk knew the members’ wish well more than any others, he didn’t save money on making the music video and participated in editing it.

Meanwhile, Sechs Kies will release ‘THE 20TH ANNIVERSARY’ on April 28 at 6pm KST. (photo by YG Entertainment)


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