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Here Are Reasons Why Vivid Colors Are Loved

2017-04-28 10:10:31
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[by Kim Min Soo] As we enjoy the warm weather of spring, the fashions of the stars are getting more colorful. Instead of dark achromatic colors such as black and gray, vivid colors are brighten up the street as well as the TV screen.

A vivid color item can express a stylish charm with just colors without any other special design or details. For this reason, it naturally has become a trend, covering various ages from teenagers to 40s.

Originally, colors were strongly used for purse and shoes, but now it is attracting attention as it is used in ready-to-wear clothes. Among the vivid color trend, we took a look at eye-catching hot styles of Choi Jung Won, AOA Yuna, and Sulli.

#Choi Jung Won

Actress Choi Jung Won made a rare appearance at the VIP premiere of ‘Daddy You, Daughter Me’ and boasted her natural beauty. For this day, she used a red color that express mannish and unique charm. In addition, she wore a white shirt and a stiletto heel that matched with the red suit, and produced a perfect formal event look.

[Editor Pick] Red is easy to match with any look and easy to make a fashion point. However, no matter how small the point is, its presence can be too strong so it needs to be adjusted appropriately. Also, match it with white to create cleaner look.

#AOA Yuna

On the other hand, the girl group AOA’s member Yuna appeal a romantic charm by showing off her femininity that is completely different from the cute and youthful look on the stage. She enjoyed the spring in a bright and warm yellow two piece dress.

[Editor Pick] Yellow color can be easily used by a fashion amateur. It is recommended for those who enjoy lovely style because the color itself can express the spring clearly.


Actress Sulli, who is always a center of attention, attended a brand event. She appeared with a bright smile and wore a purple dress that reminisced of a heroine in a comic book. And she also created a sexy mood with the slit detail. 

[Editor Pick] In general, if the vivid color seems too gaudy, you can match a pattern and color together. The brilliant color gives a unique feel and the dress with colorful floral patterns will create more fashionable daily look. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)


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