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Thu May 24

Ji Changwook's New Thriller Show Premieres On SBS

2017-05-10 20:21:14
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[by Kim Chiyoon] SBS’s upcoming drama series Suspicious Partners held a press presentation on May 10 in SBS’s building in Mokdong.

Ji Changwook, Nam Jihyun, Choi Taejun and Kwon Nara (Hello Venus) attended the event, offering a special couple time for the journalists attending.

The first couple to appear was Nam Jihyun and Ji Changwook, the key pilot of the melo line in this series.

But Kwon Nara soon took over Nam Jihyun at Ji’s arm. It’s not in the characters’ official introduction but these two used to be lovers and at the time the drama depicts, they are at psychological war.

Choi Taejun’s character is introduced as a very dear friend of Ji Changwook’s, the bridge that will bond Ji and Nam’s relationship and love.

But at the press event, he seemed all the more in love with Nam Jihyun - from his gazes to his poses.

Suspicious Partners depicts the love story between a detective (Ji Changwook) and a trainee (Nam Jihyun). This mystery thriller also follows a criminal whose memory has been affected by amnesia. Starring Ji Changwook, Nam Jihyun, Choi Taejun and Kwon Nara, it premieres on May 10.


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