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Tue May 22

BTS Could Only Deliver Close Ups

2017-05-10 20:59:52
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[Photos Kim Chiyoon] Group BTS was spotted at Gimpo International Airport on May 9.

The fandom of BTS is really big. And fans always come to say goodbye or welcome their favorite artists at airports, with a crowd filling all available space.

On May 9, it was the same story again. It was a day-off in Korea thus the boys decided to leave during the afternoon but fans had come in since the opening of the airport’s gates. The place was crowded that we felt lucky enough to snap one close-up of each members. Lucky enough to snap two close-ups of Jimin, Rap Monster and J-hope.

But it was a bittersweet kind of moment as BTS members usually show a great sense of fashion with simple refinement and taste. We wished we were able to record that too.

Meanwhile, BTS are in Japan to promote their new release.


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