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Tue May 22

Simplify High-Quality Food with Goobne Chicken

2017-05-12 15:34:43
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[by Lee Hee Soo] There are good days even though it is not a special day. On these days, we crave special foods that were hard to make on usual days but we often give up because it seems like too much work.

If you want to make a dish that is easy and high-quality, you’re more likely to succeed if you make something that everyone likes regardless of time and place. Chicken is the answer. Especially, the grilled chicken that is baked in the oven is famous for the mouthwatering taste. Let's make high-quality food dishes easily with baked chicken that is popular among the public.

# Noodles are also 'Sweet & Salty', mixed noodles

The chicken and noodles can be enjoyed separately, but it is better when they are together. You can add noodles to the chicken for exhilarating pleasure every bite you take. You can always replace the noodles with ramen.

Goobne chicken introduced the ‘Galbi King’ as the combination of sweet and salty taste, called ‘Sweet & Salty’, became popular. You can simply taste the mixed noodles by adding noodles and green onions to your chicken. Mix green onions, Galbi King Sauce and sesame oil and add noodles and chicken for finish.

# Picnic atmosphere, rice balls

Only thing you have to do is make a ball with rice to turn your home in to a picnic. But the taste and popularity can change depending on the existence of chicken inside the rice.

Especially, the rice balls made with chicken grilled in the oven boast a clean and sweet flavor. If you want a spicy rice ball, you can use a Spicy Volcano, or use Galbi King Chicken for a sweet and savory meal. Add chicken, sesame oil, dried seaweed flakes and finely chopped radish in rice and roll it round to make a ball. It is good to make rice balls with Goobne original and mayonnaise.

# Irresistible charm, ‘Chicken Rice’

If you happen to have cooked rice waiting at home, you can enjoy chicken even more. The light taste of chicken and chewy rice makes more addictive harmony.

Goobne’s Volcano, which is the original of chicken rice, is a spicy dish that is simply irresistible. You can fill your stomach with just rice but you can add pickled radish for more crunchy texture. By adding the dried seaweed flakes and sesame oil, you can enjoy more savory taste.

# Chicken and Rice's new transformation, Rice Pizza

Flavorful dough and gooey cheese make the pizza a much appetizing dish. But you can create the same taste without the dough if you have grilled chicken, rice and cheese.

First, separate the bone and flesh of the chicken. Mix rice and sauce evenly and spread thinly on the preheated pan. On top of that, you can add mozzarella cheese or cheddar cheese on top and add various vegetables. Cover the lid and wait for the cheese to melt.

▶ Goobne chicken is popular among women in the 20’s and 30’s because it is grilled in the oven and low in calories. The clean taste and various recipes allow it to be enjoyed in many ways. It is planned to be open in the Philippines during May. (photo by Goobne Chicken, bntnews DB)


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