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Thu May 24

Seohyun and Im Jooeun Go For Two Different Looks At MBC Press Conference

2017-05-12 18:31:04
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[Photos by Baek Sooyeon] On May 12, the team of MBC drama Bad Thief, Good Thief gathered in the station’s building located in Mapo, Seoul for a press conference.

Girl’s Generation Seohyun and actress Im Jooeun both attended the event in very different styles that enhanced their own charms. Seohyun was wearing an all-black suit with huge buttons and a white top for a very chic look. As for Im Jooeun, she wore an off-shoulder dress sewn in a beautiful emerald green that exuded exquisiteness.

Meanwhile, Good Thief, Bad Thief tells the story of thieves who cause an enthusiastic fatal blow to several powerful groups of infringement rights that subtly manipulate Korea. It will premiere on May 13.


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