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Sat Jun 23

[bnt interview] Big Hand of Chinese Economy, Wanghong Sophia’s (邵玉菲) Chameleonic Charms

2017-05-19 15:58:55
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[by Lee Hye Jung, photo by Cha K] Influences of Chinese internet star called ‘Wanghong’ don’t seem common. Wanghong, which is similar to Korea’s power blogger, are social stars having more than 500,000 followers and they are one of the spotlighting marketing tools.

Since they share their daily lives on internet to communicate with fans, they are very effective in viral marketing. Popular Wanghong Sophia (邵玉菲) met with bntnews and showed her chameleonic charms.

Not only lovely and calm moods, but she also perfectly digested funky concept and surprised the staffs. Sophia talked her stories out.

Q. What made you become ‘Wanghong’?
Firstly, I made activities as a model and shared my life on SNS. It was fun for me to post and share my favorite items and naturally, there are many fans liking my posts. It was my hobby at first, then I became Wanghong.

Q. What is your charming point different with others?
While others are very commercial, I prefer to post my favorite items. It is fun for me to share my favorite products by posting my own life style. I also got to work with the brands that I collaborated together since I loved it. My opinion goes my priority and I think it is my charming point.

Q. What are your mostly uploading contents?
I used to upload photos usually, but I’m having more fun in posting videos these days. I put clips of applying makeups or joining events, even live broadcasting recently. It is good to communicate with fans through the live. I talk to my fan clubs with messages since communication is important.

Q. What are your favorite contents among them?
I’m interested in beauty and fashion since I’m a model. Among them, beauty contents are more concentrated. I enjoy posting how to put makeups and my items. Moreover, I post about fashion and food.

Q. What is the most popular contents of K-beauty among yours?
I think lipstick, cushion and mask packs are popular. First, I can simply show colors of lipsticks during live, so my fans and I love it. Especially, it is famous since lipstick is easy to put. Cushion is good to make glowing skin by covering lightly and pack is reasonable price comparing to its ability, so everyone loves it.

Q. Wanghongs are popular as there are sayings ‘Wanghong Economy’. What do you think about collaborating moves of companies with Wanghong?
I have a long career with Korea among Wanghongs. First, I was more interested in K-beauty industry rather than commercial purpose and I wanted to know about it. There is double-sidedness in Wanghongs’ activities, but I see it in positive way. I like Korea, so I enjoy working with the country.

Q. There is a term called ‘K-beauty’. What do you think of K-beauty’s popularity?
I could meet other Wanghongs at an event by K-beauty brands. I joined it as a Wanghong from China and many ‘beauty bloggers’ over the world came to Korea as well. When I see many beauty bloggers from various countries visiting Korea due to beauty items, I see K-beauty’s popularity.

Q. What are the strength and specialty of K-beauty?
First of all, K-beauty brands’ items are high quality. Whatever you use, they show off high quality. Even the packages are lovely and cute, so those are the reasons how they are loved by customers.

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