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Tue May 22

[bnt pictorial] Chinese popular ‘Wanghong’ Sophia (邵玉菲) “My charming point is honesty”

2017-05-19 16:22:43
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[by Lee Hye Jung, photo by Cha K] Popular ‘Wanghong’ Sophia (邵玉菲) that has about 2.15 million fans on Chinese social networking service Weibo disclosed a fashion pictorial.

Through the pictorial with bnt, Sophia showed off chameleonic charms and proved why she is a matchless Wanghong.

For the first concept, she appealed a lovely mood with pink dress. Although it was her first time, she showed her professional side without any directing and dragged the staffs’ applause. She changed to white long dress and appealed an alluring mood by digesting the outfit into her color.

At last, she showed chameleonic charms by making funky mood that is totally different with the two previous moods.

During the interview, she frankly talked about her stories as a Wanghong. She said, “While others are very commercial, I prefer to post my favorite items. It is fun for me to share my favorite products by posting my own life style. My opinion goes my priority and I think it is my charming point” about her charming point.

She also added, “I think lipstick, cushion and mask packs are popular. First, I can simply show colors of lipsticks during live, so my fans and I love it. Especially, it is famous since lipstick is easy to put” about K-beauty items.

She also talked about K-beauty’s strength and specialty and chose they are high-quality items and lovely and cute packages. She revealed her trust and love for Korean beauty products.

She delivered her wish to work with K-beauty industry since she has big affection and interests for Korea. We wish she can be a bridge in between Korea and China and look forward to her activities.

Hair & Makeup: Croce Nine


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