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‘Glossy’ Stars’ How to Makeup

2017-06-15 10:40:41
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[By Yoon Ji-hye] Stars shown in TV always have luminant & glossy skin even without heavy makeup. Especially, heroines in dramas show clear and luminant skin, which stimulates women’s curiosity. 

If you like to know how to do makeup for stars with ‘glossy’ skin, pay attention to this. It is about their makeup know-how. 

01 Base Makeup for Great Moisturizing and Sustaining Power

In case of base makeup, if you like to express the light & luminant skin without blemishes, you should use a light-feeling cushion product. Put the concealer on a brush and then apply it to noticeable blemishes to hide them. 

After that, apply a suitable amount of a light & moisturizing cushion product to a puff, and then evenly apply it to face. Pat it enough to be fully absorbed in. At this time, when spraying a mist to the puff and then applying it to skin, it is helpful to express more moist skin. 

02 Mellow & Defined Eye Makeup

In case of celebrities, they usually show defined & clear eyes without using dark-colored eye shadows. For this, it is important to give a sense of depth to eyes. Using a shadow brush, evenly spread/apply a shadow to eyelids. 

After that, apply the eyeliner to an eyeliner brush and then draw thin & long eyelines by filling mucosa. Lastly, emphasize eyelashes by applying mascara several times for defined eyes. 

03 Pure-Looking Lip Makeup 

If you like to emphasize your glossy skin, you’d better use coral or pink color for lips, instead of dark-colored lip products. 

Apply a pink-colored tint to the inner-side of lips, and then apply the same-colored lip balm to lips for pure & moist lip makeup. 

01 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION: CC Cushion containing the finest New Zealand Lanoline purified in Germany, Deep Sea Water, Western Rose Water, Shea Butter, and Black Ginseng Extract for excellent sustaining/covering power for clear & bright skin all day long, and moist & healthy skin

02 KICHO COLOR PLANT BRUSH KIT: Brushes helping the completion of natural-looking makeup. Made of soft-feeling hairs, this kit is composed of five-types of brushes for powder, concealer, shadow, smudge, and eyeliner. 

03 BOBBI BROWN Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner: As a gel-type eyeliner with the thin & neat eyelines for defined eye makeup, its waterproof function maintains the neat eyes all day long. 

04 LANCOME Juicy Shaker: Tint oil with the cushion applicator that should be shaken just like cocktail to mix oil and pigment layer before use. 
(Photo by: KICHO, BOBBI BROWN, LANCOME, bntnews DB)


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