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Thu May 24

JK Medical Group’s Continuous Good Deeds for Bigger Joy by Sharing

2017-06-15 10:52:07
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[By Lee Hye-jeong] A 32-year old woman, Zhujuan with severe burns in her whole body and face by a bus explosion in Shanghai of China on May 5th 2008 visited Korea for the initial treatment. 

Zhujuan is the recipient of sharing medical treatment jointly planned by Korea Health Industry Development Institute(Director Lee Young-chan) and a start-up company, Myeonguijudo that connects doctors with Chinese patients. Zhujuan who was exhausted from dozens of operations for about ten years was hesitating to get an operation in Korea. However, JK Plastic Surgery(Director Ju Kwon)’s excellent medical techniques and sincere advices changed her mind to get the treatment.
Zhujuan who visited Korea and had long-hours of consultation with medical teams in each part of JK Plastic Surgery was able to ask/listen to her operation such as procedure and method in detail.  Lastly, she met with the director Ju Kwon of JK Plastic Surgery. 

When Director Ju Kwon met with Zhujuan, he warmly comforted her feeling afraid of operation, and also promised to provide the treatment considering patients as the first priority. 

Since its opening, JK Plastic Surgery has continuously proceeded the ‘New Face New Dream(NFND hereafter)’ Campaign as a part of social contribution. On top of ‘sharing volunteer work’, this campaign is to help underprivileged people such as low-income family and single-parent family in the whole world through its excellent advanced medical technologies. 

It is well-known as a medical institute that increases the national status through diverse sharing in Korea and foreign countries like supporting free operation to adolescents with diseases such as incurable burns and facial deformity, and also performing overseas medical volunteer activities. 

JK Plastic Surgery’s continuous good deeds that continuously pay attention to vulnerable people and also help underprivileged patients who cannot afford expensive treatment have been settled down as a case that shows the warm side of our society.(Photo by: JK Plastic Surgery)


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