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Thu Jun 21

Nine Muses Drops Fourth Teaser of 'Remember'

2017-06-15 21:23:31
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[by Woorim Ahn] Kyungri showed a surprise.

On June 15 at noon, Star Empire disclosed the fourth teaser video of Nine Muses' new mini album 'Muses Diary Part2: Identity'.

In the video, Kyungri lay down on a bed in a white room and made a mysterious mood with her unique eyes. Particularly, at the end of the video, she shot a gun to someone, so it aroused the public's curiosity.

Moreover, along with vintage guitar sound, her voice saying "I'm waiting for you on an empty street" and this raised the public's curiosity for new song 'Remember'.

Nine Muses' new song 'Remember' is a song with vintage sound telling thoughts after the break up. Its modern sound is highlighting in the song, since it is a new and unique challenge in this genre.

Meanwhile, Nine Muses 'Muses Diary Part2: Identity' will be out on June 19. (photo by Star Empire)


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