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Thu May 24

'One Night Food Trip' Urban Zakapa-OKDAL-Homme', Best Neck-To-Neck Eating Show Match Pans Out

2017-07-13 11:15:07
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[by Ent Team] From a salmon burger to watermelon shaved iced, musicians' highest eating show was revealed.

On the 12th's broadcast of OliveTV 'One Night Food Trip: Eating Show Race', Urban Zakapa, OKDAL, and HOMME each presented a skillful eating show of their trips to Kyoto, Chiang Mai, and Alaska. 

More than ever, the expectations of the cutthroat neck-to-neck match of which team was to win the gold passport raised anticipations.

In the broadcast, all the members 'Food Show Ace' Urban Zakapa stayed within the city, going to a recently popular area Arashiyama in Kyoto. They found a famous steak rice bowl with clean visuals and taste, leaving endless admiration for the steak bowl rice.
Two hours before boarding the plane, the ability to slurp up soba noodles in a food show, Urban Zakapa who put their all in this skillful eating show, shined some hope.

In addition, the unique female singer team, OKDAL  put their "separate" dessert stomachs to full blast for the sake of winning. Matching with them was the juicy Chiang Mai dessert feast that spread out. Up to watermelon seeds, the highest visuals of the watermelon shaved ice and watermelon cake "How can it be not sweet but so delicious?" as they scarfed it down.

And HOMME  challenged the spinning wheel for a 'Mouthful Food Show'. With his mouth size as second, Lee Hyun shockingly put the salmon burger in his mouth with one mouthful, boasting of a mouth size that you can't even believe you're seeing. 

After eating a salmon burger, also eating cheeseburger, HOMME said, "The image of the glaciers outside of the windows are like the swiss cheese of the cheeseburgers", showing off the taste of Alaskan cuisine. 
Meanwhile, OliveTV's 'One Night Food Trip: Eating Show Food Race' is aired every Wednesday at 8:20 pm. (photo by OliveTV 'One Night Food Trip: Eating Show Race)


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