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Thu May 24

What are the Needed Items for a Thrilling Summer Vacation?

2017-07-17 12:20:36
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[by Lee Hye Jeong] July is in the middle of the humid summer season but in order to avoid the heat, but it can be a thrilling season through vacation. 

A thrilling vacation season, when leaving for a trip what type of necessary items are there? Introducing more effective it items to use on trip. 
>> What Points are There for Necessary Vacation Items? 

When taking care of your vacation items, what points do you have to think about? It’s important to take notice of products with comfortable components in order to maintain skin comfortably in an unfamiliar vacation spot. 

In addition, choosing the product’s importance of its ability to diminish the volume of your luggage, when packing luggage for a trip, this is a point you cannot forget.
>> 2 Steps to Not Forget at Unfamiliar Vacation Spots

Many skin problems that appear in unfamiliar vacation spots are not small. This is because the water changes and sunlight can cause skin troubles.

To prepare for this, don’t forget cleansing products comprised of pure components and sunblock, it’s necessary to put in the effort to take care. Deep-sea water and algae gets rid of waste without irritating the skin, and the water-based cleansing product allows you to wash your face without any trouble. When you put on sunblock before doing outdoor activities at vacation spots, you can prevent skin problems from coming up. It perfectly blocks the hot sunlight with a fresh product that isn’t opaque or sticky.  

01 KICHO WATER RECIPE CLEANSING WATER A moist cleansing water that combines deep-sea water and algae, purely getting rid of waste and makeup without irritating the skin.
02 KICHO Ultra Moisturizing Suncream, SPF50+/PA+++ Vegetable ingredients from germinated soy bean that take care of the skin’s health, you can use it freshly and moistly without being opaque or sticky, you can use it before putting on makeup as a daily sun cream with no burden. 
>> Smart Item that you can Conveniently Pack your Things 

When traveling, it’s good to diminish the volume of your luggage. Thus because you can’t get rid of the items you need, while diminishing the volume of your luggage, it’s good to choose the items that have the best effect. 

It’s good to keep an easy storage case for set items to take care of important brush items. When selecting base makeup items, not caking it on and comfortably fixing makeup, it’s best to choose a CC cushion. Choosing a cushion that has lanolin in it will finish your base makeup moistly.  

01 KICHO TEA POT BRUSH SET A set of five including blush, concealer, shadow, eyeliner brush. The full set allows the possessor to conveniently finish their makeup anywhere. 
02 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION, SPF50+/PA+++ Excellent Continuity coverage that maintains bright and beautiful skin all day long. The CC Cushion is comprised of New Zealand lanolin and deep sea components made in Germany making skin moist. (photo by Kicho, bntnews DB) 


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