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Thu May 24

‘Station’ Reveals The Solutions ‘All That You Want’…Talented Band’s New Song

2017-07-14 16:30:56
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[by Ent Team] The Solutions’ new song has been revealed.

On July 14th, SM Entertainment conveyed, “Talented band The Solutions’ new song ‘All That You Want’ will be revealed today (14th).”

In addition, the 16th song of SM’s digital music release channel ‘Station’ season 2 ‘All That You Want’ is scheduled to be released today (14th) at 6pm. 

This new song has a clear and cool guitar rift and polished melody as well gradually mixing instrumentals with the chorus for a rock genre. The colorfulness of showing off materialism put in the lyrics is raising attention. 

Especially, the music video metaphorically shows the lyrical content of the daily lives of two men and women freely, with a production background of 4:3 ration.  The retro atmosphere’s unique technical visual arts are capturing the eyes of fans. 

Meanwhile, ‘Station’ season 2 is showing off a lot of high quality music and contents of artists, producers, and composers. (photo by SM Entertainment)


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