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Tue Jul 17

Cover the Blemishes on my Face and Appear Perfect!

2017-08-21 16:49:48
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[by Kim Min Soo] Facial blemishes that you can’t hide no matter how much you cover it. Many women are extremely interested in skin.

Especially in the last stage of the vacation season, it’s easy for spots and freckles to appear due to sun exposure. What is method to remove these troubles? Through hypo-allergenic face washing and soothing skin care you pacify the skin but skin troubles that form need constant care and are difficult to fix in one morning.

Thus you need the makeup know-hows of covering skin trouble. We investigated the concealer methods of covering blemishes.

Hide Traces of UV Rays!

If skin is exposed to UV rays for long periods of time, you raise the risk of pigmentation changes such as freckles and age spots. Because of these UV rays, the usual representative pigmentation changes are freckles. If it occurs it’s hard to get rid of cleanly so the best thing is to prevent it from happening.

If you are worried about skin troubles, let’s use 3CE Duo Cover Concealer and remove the trouble by hiding the traces of the UV rays. It mixes two colors and perfectly covers skin blemishes. With a moist cream texture it effectively covers any skin problems such as dark circles, blemishes, and pigmentation changes.

Furthermore even if you touch it once and crumple together, there are no cracks as it smoothly and thinly adheres to the skin presenting beautiful skin and maintaining it for a long time. Including Vitamin E derivatives, it can even protect the skin, in which you can even use it on the dry skin around eye rims without a burden. 

How to

1. You can either choose one of the two colors or mix the two colors on the back of your hand for the color that matches your skin tone.

2. You can cover the dark circles under your eyes by applying a small amount. (It isn’t dry so even if you cover it up it won’t be a burden to the area around your eye)

3. Dab at blemished areas or darkened areas by applying with the integrated brush. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE)


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