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Tue Jul 17

Stars’ Airport Fashion? “It’s not hard~”

2017-08-28 10:05:36
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[by Kim Min Soo] Comfort is first in airport fashion. Thus it is a big concern to give up looking fashionable for comfort.

At these times it’s good to refer to stars. Aren’t celebrities that reflect the newest trends from head to toe the best guide? If you are a woman who wants to show off a comfortable but cool style, pay attention.

We introduce airport styling that you can follow through Han Yeseul, Jessica and Girl’s Day Hyeri that appeared with natural and stylish airport fashion.

#Han Yeseul

Actress Han Yeseul who leaves an impression with her strong colors. She showed off her perfect figure and eye-catching styling while making a public appearance after a long time for an overseas schedule in a white t-shirt and red color see-through skirt that was simple.

Both her top and bottom were flawless as Han Yeseul’s style showed off her radiant beauty. In addition, her skirt that slightly covered her luxurious slender legs grabbed the attention of men as well.

[Editor Pick] The key to comfortable yet stylish airport fashion is to have a key ‘point’. Instead of having a lot of decorations, it’s good to grab attention with color instead. This way even if you choose a basic colored t-shirt, it’s not too over excessive and you can show off a fashionable style.


Jessica who has been dubbed a fashionista showed vivacious and feminine styling. She gave off her own characteristic mood with a simple A-line black one piece dress. It was simple but she expressed a simple airport fashion ‘as if decorated but not’. Here she wore sneakers that perfectly completed her styling.

[Editor Pick] The item you cannot exclude from airport fashion is the one piece dress as its comfort makes it the best item. In addition, if it’s a dotted pattern one piece dress, you can exude a lovely charm.   

#Girl’s Day Hyeri

Girl’s Day recently arrived at the Incheon Airport to attend ‘KCON 2017 LA’. And of course Hyeri who has become a topic of discussion due to her relationship with actor Ryu Jun Yeol caught attention. Her striped robe doubled the fall atmosphere that she was exuding.

Also, the black v-neck inner and denim pants gave off a natural and feminine mood. Especially as she slightly showed off her fine v-line, she appealed dizzyingly and sexily.

[Editor Pick] Color point, one piece dress, the last tip in becoming an airport fashionista is the robe. It’s an item that even if there’s a little wind in which you can feel cold is stylish and practicable for women. Thus, if you follow the introduced stars well, you can show off stylish airport fashion as much as the stars. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)  


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