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Tue Jul 17

From the Basics, Solid ‘Cleansing’ that is More Important than Makeup!

2017-08-28 11:05:26
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[by Kim Min Soo] The most important thing in skin care is ‘cleansing’. It’s not an exaggeration to say the first step to all skin care is cleansing and that recently in the change of seasons more meticulous care is necessary.

Women especially know the importance of cleansing because it directly affects the first to last step of skin care to makeup. If you have a face wash routine, you can present beautiful skin that is clean without troubles and even with lightening effects.
If so, what is the proper cleansing method? We introduce tips on effective cleansing as well as must-have items.

#The Reason that Washing your Face is Necessary

The habit of meticulously washing your face is the basics to presenting healthy and beautiful skin. Cleansing washes outside contaminants such as dust, sweat, and other waste, and it is also effective in helping your circulation and metabolism.

Because of this, you should avoid leaving your makeup on as is and going to sleep. The makeup covers your pores and the sebum cannot properly excrete, thus be careful of the waste and sebum gathering and skin troubles occurring.

#If you want bright and clean skin?

Sebum excretion that is heated up in the high temperatures and the waste material that is caught in between the widened pores in the recent weather indicates that you should meticulously wash your face first. 3CE White Milk Pack To Foam cultivates bright skin by caring for excessive sebum and waste in between pores.

The oatmeal and honey components help maintain moisture and prevent skin dryness and the tea tree components help soothe the skin, completing clear porcelain like skin.

>> Good Cleansing Application Tips

a. Special Care
Apart from your eyes, squeeze out and apply an adequate amount onto your skin. After 10 minutes, wash it off as if massaging your face with tepid water (30 to 35 degrees C), deeply cleansing the abundant foam to waste in your pores. Do this 1~2 times a week.

b. Fresh Daily Cleaning
In the state that there is still excess moisture on your skin, do rolling on your entire face and if there are still bubbles, wash your face with tepid water.

c. T Zone SOS Care
Squeeze and apply onto the T Zone where sebum excretion is heated up, and after 5 minutes, wash your face. It is a soft cream type that reaches curves that nose packs cannot, giving care with detail. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda 3CE)  


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