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Tue Jul 17

Taeyeon vs Jessica, Comparative Analysis of their Styling

2017-08-28 13:02:08
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[by Kim Min Soo] Recently Girls’ Generation member Taeyeon and former member Jessica caught attention when they appeared at the airport a day within each other.

Taeyeon made an appearance at the Incheon International Airport on the 17th for an Indonesian concert while Jessica showed up the next day for a different overseas schedule. The girls who always show a charming image stood out with their beautiful looks through their styling on the way to the airport.

We examined the hidden stylish details of their styling that became a great fashion model even without any particular items.


Taeyeon who boasts of ivory skin amongst female celebrities. She appeared at the airport on the way to Jakarta, showing off her beautiful image through revealing her belly button, presenting a sexy and slender body.

Taeyeon who caught attention with a bustier look matched black and white together with her t-shirt and denim pants, along with her bright smile, showing off a stylish fashion.

Slightly showing a slender waist line gives off a feminine and sexy mood and is considered a necessary styling of the hot summer. However, if you are a woman who doesn’t have confidence in your body, we suggest a slightly oversized t-shirt opposed to exposing your belly button. Thoughtlessly exposing your belly button can easily become a failure. 


Meanwhile Jessica who shows off various images while receiving recognition not just as a singer but also as a CEO, presented a sophisticated mood with a simple one piece dress. The mini one piece dress that flared out her A-line is a look that emphasizes cuteness as well as comfort.

Not only that. She completed her airport fashion by choosing retro sneakers matching in white that gave off femininity. She showed a representative example of completing a styling of high sensitivity without any particular items.

#Editor`s Pick

The center of trends is bustier fashion that radiates a sophisticated atmosphere. In the summer it gives a sexy yet cool feel while in the fall and winter the bustier look seems like it will continue to be a hot item.

The combination of a one piece dress and sneakers is worth paying attention to. It’s suffice to say matching with white sneakers will be a fall trend keyword. Not only can you move comfortably in them, but they are also fashionable. (photo by bntnews DB, Stylenanda)  


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