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Fri Jul 20

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic Recognized Among Korean Plastic Surgery Clinic that Caters to Foreign Patients

2017-09-04 09:55:36
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[by Hwang So Hee] JK Plastic Surgery Clinic that has 20 years of no accidents has been designated as ‘Healthcare Institution Excellent in Caring for Foreign Patients’.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare designated for healthcare institutions after the first round of evaluations. JK Plastic Surgery Clinic is especially distinguished as it chosen under a strict process among 500 other Plastic Surgery Clinics for Foreign Patients.

The Foreign Patient Healthcare Institution Evaluation is emphasized on the measures and infection control in an emergency situation and the assurance of safety, care and management continuously for the patient. The evaluation processes the detailed plans characteristically made for foreign patients.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic received high evaluations as over 70% of their patients are from Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia or the United States, their program is completely geared to satisfy patients such as the homepage provided in various languages.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic that has been designated as a trustworthy hospital by the Korean government that has a 20 year history of no accidents and is reforming to become a nationally recognized plastic surgery clinic with Director Joo Kwon’s mindset of ‘safety first’ that he has now accomplished.

Director Joo conveyed, “If the medical procedure is wrong, the doctors who performed the surgery and the hospital are responsible. Because of that, before, during, and after the surgery, we take strict measures of infection control and safety.” 

Meanwhile, JK Plastic Surgery Clinic that has been recognized for its excellent foreign patient care is devoted to raising trust globally as a Korean medical institution. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic)


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