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Fri Jul 20

I Want to Go Back to Vacation! Beauty Items That Feel Like the Ocean

2017-09-04 14:24:40
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[by Woo Ji An] After the sweltering heat has left, in no time fall has come. When you see the clear blue skies, you want to enjoy summer vacation again.

How about changing your mood with beauty items in which you can feel the mood of a vacation spot simply even at home? We introduce a beauty item that presents healing to your skin, relaxing your mind and body even in a short time

#A Mask Pack that Holds the Ocean

Celebrities that are in the spotlight amongst ordinary people use one pack a day. Mask packs are rising in popularity because you can see the maximum effects of skin care in a short time. If you use it before you sleep or before makeup, it increases the effects of your makeup and the hydration and provision of nutrients revitalize your skin.

In this way, mask packs are convenient and practical, thus if you use it correctly, you can double the effectivity. First remove dead skin with a steal towel and then smooth out your skin with a mild type toner and then using a mask pack will let it deeply penetrate the skin.  

However in the case of already having skin troubles, if you use a mask pack with a lot of nutrients, the skin nutrients can be over-excessive and cause skin inflammation. We suggest using a moisturizing mask pack instead.

[Editor’s pick] Adaline’s Keep Cool Ocean Mask Astaxanthin components from the deep ocean and deep sea water combine to make a moisturizing supply mask that also helps elasticity, making the skin glow.

#Mist that Recharges Moisture

If you use cooling products on damaged skin as sunburn in a vacation spot, you can immediately suppress the early skin scratches. However, continual moisturizing for skin that loses its moisture through UV rays is optimal.

A mist that is portable is the most suitable item for immediately recharging moisture. Every time it gets dry, frequently spraying is good, your skin will feel a cooling effect more than a stimulating toner and if you use it when your skin is sensitive you can treat your skin cleanly without largely stimulating it.  

[Editor’s pick] Vichy Eau Thermale Minéralisante Using the strength of 11 needed minerals, the mist helps improve damaged skin, strengthening skin starting from balancing skin acidity. (photo by bntnews DB, Adaline, Vichy)


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