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Tue Jul 17

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic Leads Korean Medical Treatment Development

2017-09-11 09:02:02
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[by Hwang So Hee] Knowing of Korea’s excellent medical treatment, 364,000 foreign patients visited Korea to receive treatment last year. The Ministry of Health and Welfare selected institutions that had excellent service and safe treatment for foreign patients and designated 4 excellent medical institutions.

The Ministry of Health and Welfare evaluated clinics as ‘Excellent Foreign Patient Care Medical Institution’ under the critique of 120 different clauses such as maintaining foreign patients, specialized human resources, and domestic medical services. The clinics chosen under these clauses were clinics introduced as a system that provided proper safe and methodical service to foreign patients.

The standard of evaluation as a foreign patient medical institution is continual care for foreign patients and guarantee of safety, in which the clinic has made detailed plans of a system on patient safety, such as the measures to take in case of an emergency or infection etc.,

Among the 500 plastic surgery clinics that cater to foreigners in Korea, JK Plastic Surgery Clinic was the only one that was designed as having excellent care for foreign patients. In order to become the #1 institution for Korean medical tourism, JK Plastic Surgery clinic provides specialized translation services, and focuses on patient medical care from the consultation to care after the surgical procedure.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic received high evaluations as over 70% of their patients are from Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia or the United States, their program is completely geared to satisfy patients such as the homepage provided in various languages.

Meanwhile, JK Plastic Surgery Clinic that has been recognized for its excellent foreign patient care is devoted to raising trust globally as a Korean medical institution. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic)


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