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[bnt pictorial] Byung Hun “I felt less nervous after entering Daehak-ro, I gained my confidence”

2017-09-13 11:32:12
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[by Kim Min Soo] We present the fashion pictorial of actor Byung Hun who challenged becoming an actor alone from a singer.

Through the pictorial of 3 concepts he showed various charms from an active image to an overflowing charismatic mood.

In the first concept he matched an orange shirt with his black and white look to show off a trendy fashion. Following this, the next concept harmonized colorful clothes to create a street look.

The last concept was a sneak peek of his fall fashion. He presented a vintage style with black denim pants and a showy animal print t-shirt, along with a long coat that showed off his charisma.

The interview after the pictorial shoot began with the reason behind his start in acting. He conveyed his reason, “I really like dramas and movies. I even had the craving to act where I was greedy to the point of getting collectables of the DVDs of movies. Thus in order to learn how to act, I entered into Daehak-ro.”

He gained confidence by diligently going on stage at Daehak-ro, “If I appear nervous, the audience will notice. I learned a lot from this angle. Nowadays when I am on site I am less nervous,” he said with a smile. “Even if I make mistakes, I pass over it well. What I’m saying is that the audience doesn’t notice. (laughs)”

Recently he has been practicing drums, “It’s a piece that I can’t reveal for my next work. It’s a work that I need to play drums for so I keep practicing drums.” He piqued our curiosity in his next work.

He is in the middle of acting for the play ‘Special Liar’. “When the play first began, I read the script and went to the practice room all excited but I didn’t act as well as I thought I could. Thus the seniors gave me a lot of advice and counsel so I was really stressed (laughs)”, he said as he recalled the time of the play.

He especially expressed his first impressions of actor Woo Hyun, “At first I thought he was scary but he he’s a very passionate person.”

Currently he isn’t sparing any of his emotions as he is acting in plays ‘S Diary’ and ‘Special Liar’ as well as musical ‘Secretly, Greatly’. He who puts his all on stage conveyed, “Even when I’m home I’m so lethargic I often space out.”

However he brightens up when he meets his friends at night. He states,“I brighten up when I drink. (laughs) Other than that I save my energy.” Also he showed that he has interest in a hikikomori(social recluse) character, “I normally like being alone so I want to play the role of a hikikomori.”

When we asked who his role model is he conveyed, “I have no role model. Every time I watch a movie or drama it changes.” He also showed his strong will in acting as he mentioned the roles he wants to play, “I tried playing a leading role in a movie and a drama before so it doesn’t really matter if it’s a big or small role. Even if it’s a small role it becomes an important and charismatic role.”

He who likes watching youth dramas mentioned, “I watched one episode of the ‘Reply’ drama series but I didn’t watch after that (laughs). It was really funny. It was annoying so I didn’t watch it anymore. My personality is that if there is a work that I want to do or envy I don’t watch it.”

Lastly we heard that he lived in Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do for about 2 years. “It was during my elementary school years but I still contact my friends from back then. Out of my school friends my Jeonju friends are the closest,” he mentioned as he emphasized the importance of friendship.
Editor: Kim Min Soo
Photo: Lee Kwan Hyung
Video Filming, Editing: Lee Jae Yup, Jo Hyung Geun
Coat: Holy Number 7
Hair: Joy187 Chief Kang Ji Eun
Makeup: Jou187 Chief Kim Eunji
Location: The Booth Gyeonglidan


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