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Tue Jul 17

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, The Front Runner Leading K-Beauty

2017-09-18 09:18:43
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[by Hwang So Hee] Following the Korea wave fever, K-beauty is in the spotlight globally. Through dramas, movies, music, and other media, the whole world has come to know of and is focused on Korean stars, their style, and their uncommon looks. 

With high interest in Korean cosmetic brands and plastic surgery foreigners came to know of Korea’s excellent medical treatment in which 364,000 foreign patients visited Korea to receive treatment last year. The Ministry of Health and Welfare selected institutions that had excellent service and safe treatment for foreign patients, raising Korea’s global medical competition strength.

The standard of evaluation as a foreign patient medical institution is continual care for foreign patients and guarantee of safety, in which the clinic has made detailed plans of a system on patient safety, such as the measures to take in case of an emergency or infection etc.,

Among the 500 plastic surgery clinics that cater to foreigners in Korea, JK Plastic Surgery Clinic stood out along with 3 other designated clinics that passed the strict selection standards of excellent care for foreign patients.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic received high evaluations as over 70% of their patients are from Russia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia or the United States, their program is completely geared to satisfy patients such as the homepage provided in various languages.

Meanwhile JK Plastic Surgery Clinic has a system that prepares specialist medical services as there is a wellness center, safety anesthesia center and aesthetic center prepared. The clinic 20 years of no accidents and stands tall as trustworthy clinic domestically and overseas. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic)


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