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Tue Jul 17

[Style Theme] The Reason Why Men Wearing ‘Coats’ are Attractive

2017-09-18 09:04:22
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[by Kim Min Soo] Charismatic coat fashion is a topic of discussion among handsome stars.  The item starting from the beginning of fall, ‘coat’ is used normally as a real runway look and makes men seem even manlier.

This is a modern classy styling to a stylish fashion that appeals various charms, shown in airport fashion to fashion pictorials, it is an item that cannot be excluded from fall. Starting now, let’s examine coat styling through singer and actor Kim Jaejoong, Monsta X member Hyung Won and singer turned actor Byung Hun.

#Khaki Trench Coat, Monsta X Hyung Won

Trench coats are the representative item for fall. Trench coats that have been loved for a long time as an easy practical fashion item have the advantage point of being stylish in itself, easily coordinating with any style.

Because the khaki colored trench coat gives off a subdued yet chic feeling, it will continue to be a steady selling item. Monsta X’s Hyung Won who was spotted at the airport on the way to an overseas schedule. Looking at his style, the oversized trench coat fully gave off charm, finishing off his airport fashion.

In addition, the black and white look’s simple yet neat image matched with his charming looks became a topic of discussion as he captured attention.

#Stylish Airport Fashion, Kim Jaejoong

When you match a beige color coat that expresses soft masculinity along with denim pants, it doubles the stylish mood. Especially if you layer a white t-shirt, denim pants, and checkered patterned long shirts, you can convey an individualistic style.

If you present various moods with a coat like this, you can easily make use of street fashion through mix and match styling that expresses your individual fashion.

#Soft Charisma, Actor Byung Hun

Byunghun who challenged becoming an actor from a singer alone. He caught attention with his charismatic long coat styling through the various images he showed through the recent bnt pictorial.

He who received attention through his unique printed t-shirt, black denim pants’ stylish styling finished a high quality pictorial as he wore a long coat.

It’s difficult to resemble stars’ superior proportions but let’s research their fashion sense in detail. While keeping your physical advantages, you can present the sense of coat styling perfectly. (photo by bntnews DB)


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