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Tue Jul 17

Highlight Coming Back with a 8th Year Anniversary Album…Releases Schedule Plan

2017-09-27 14:47:02
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[by Ent Team] Highlight is beginning full-scale promotions.

On the 27th, Highlight’s company Around Us caught attention by revealing the comeback schedule of Highlight’s 8th year anniversary album ‘Celebrate’ on the official homepage and SNS channel.

According to the schedule, the comeback countdown starts on the 29th, and following that concept photos, tracklist, album highlight medley, MV teasers, the showcase, etc., will be released as they begin their comeback.

Especially as they are scheduled to have a V Live on the 15th before the release on the 16th, fans are in high anticipation.  

In addition, ‘Celebrate’ which will be released on their debut date October 16th, is more meaningful as it shows the Highlight members’ affection for fans and their desire to celebrate with fans as they were unable to do so last year and want to let go of that regret.

Meanwhile, Highlight’s 8th anniversary album ‘Celebrate’ will be released on various online music portal sites on October 16th at 6pm. (photo by Around Us)


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