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How about a romantic movie for an autumn’s night?

2017-09-27 16:04:49
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[by Lee Hee-soo] On a relaxing weekend, people look for movies to watch when they don’t want to waste a cool autumn’s night. Unlike everyday life, it provides indirect experience in various spaces and makes it a unique place to rest. When you are tired from a long working week, what you need is a romantic movie which also makes you laugh. So here are 3 movies to fill your autumn night.

▶ Midnight In Paris, 2011

You can enjoy the city filled with relaxation and romance as a movies. The Male lead character wanders the road and experiences the golden age of the past that he admired on a carriage he got on by chance. These settings provide opportunities to meet real historical figures, and also stimulate the imagination to engage the public. It is also philosophical to be able to understand easily the discrepancies that everyone has in the latter half of the film, between the unsatisfied present and the longing past.

▶ Begin Again, 2013

The movie "Begin Again" was released on June 27, 2014. Hollywood actress Keira Knightley and Maroon 5's Adam Levine’s voice fills the entire movie. Music provides a romantic atmosphere throughout the viewing and leaves deep impression in the viewer’s mind. So, at the end of the movie, most completely get lost deep in the OST. In addition, New York Street, where Mark Ruffalo’s character, a music producer and his band sing, offers a feel good healing.

▶She’s The Man, 2006

A teen movie that makes you feel reminiscent of your old school days. It’s about the school life of a lead female character who likes soccer as she disguise herself as a male student. If you didn’t have a chance to laugh all day, you can catch a big laugh at the various comedic points. The leading actress, Amanda Bynes’s easing going acting skills has a magical power of making even her fake male character look pretty. In addition, you can also enjoy the sexy actor Channing Tatum’s younger looks of the good old days.
▶ If you want to fall into a romantic mood, you should have snacks to satisfy your bored appetite. The moist and crispy cookies melt in the mouth and add sweetness, and the cheese balls can be melt in your mouth to fill it with savory flavor of the cheddar cheese. The original cheese balls are made by frying cheese and starch. However, if you cut a slice of cheese on a paper foil into 1/16 size and microwave it for about 1 minute, you can taste the authentic cheese ball made of 100% cheese.

In particular, the oven-baked chicken is not burdened with health, and the flavor can be raised a step further. Oven-grilled chicken brand Goobne Chicken provides light and clean tasting oven backed chicken. Among them, the ‘Goobne Volcano’ uses Gochujang based special sauce whice gives it a hot and spicy taste. ‘Goobne Galbi King’ used over 10 fruit and vegetables to recreate the sweet and savory taste of Galbi BBQ. Goobne Chicken is also popular as Chicken Rice (Chibap) and midnight snack and continues to capture the taste buds of 20’s and 30’s starting from Shochu restaurant in China, Hong Kong, Japan, China and Macao. (photo by: Goobne Chicken, Emart Mall, Naver Movie Still Cut)


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