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Tue Jul 17

Epik High has Comeback After 3 Years…Releases Album Documentary Today(27th) at 6pm

2017-09-27 17:56:32
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[by Ent Team] Epik High is coming back with their 9th full length album.

YG Entertainment released the teaser poster for Epik High’s comeback on the 27th.  

The 9th album title is ‘We’ve Done Something Wonderful’. This shows confidence in the album. The concert poster as well as this poster are the first spoilers for the upcoming album.  

The new album is their first album since ‘Shoebox’ released 3 years ago in 2014. Fans that are craving for Epik High’s music are already giving an enthusiastic response to news of the comeback.

Tablo has continuously revealed that they are working on the new album since the beginning of this year through his Instagram. Recently he implied through broadcast, “We have finished an album as much as fans have been able listen to.” As the date has been set, anticipation is going up even higher.

Epik High entered the music industry in 2003 with their first album ‘Map of the Human Soul’. After that they have established themselves as artists that the public and hip-hop fans enjoy with songs such as ‘Peace Day’, ‘Fly’, and ‘Love Love Love’.  Epik High has received the evaluation as a musical and popular group through their lyrics full of their own philosophy matched with bright melodies.

Epik High who had a matchless position in the hip-hop scene verified their undying popularity with their 8th album ‘Shoebox’. Especially as the title song ‘Happen Ending’ rose to the top of various charts, they let everyone know of the return of hip-hop poets.

Although it hasn’t been disclosed as to what form the 9th album will be in and how many songs will be in the album, there is already a lot of interest as to what new sensitivities and charms Epik High will show with their songs.  

Also, today (27th) at 6pm, Epik High will be releasing a documentary showing the album making process. 

Meanwhile, following the release of Epik High’s new album, they will have a two-day concert at Blue Square Samsung Card Call, Hannam-dong, Seoul on November 3rd and 4th. (photo by YG Entertainment)


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