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Tue Jan 16

JK Plastic Surgery Recovers Hope for a Chinese Burn Victim Woman

2017-09-27 18:41:00
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[by Hwang So Hee] A Chinese woman, Zhu juan, who has been seriously burned from a bus explosion has begun to regain hope. The New Face New Dream (NFND), which is jointly led by JK Plastic Surgery (under President’s leadership) and Korea Health Industry Development Institute (President Lee Young-chan) and Mingyuzhudao (名医主刀), biggest online medical operation platform in China.

In 2008, three people died and 12 people were injured in Shanghai, from a big bus accident, and at the time of the accident, Zhu juan suffered 2nd-3rd degree burns to about 57% of her body. Most of her lower half of her body along with her face, neck and both arms and hands were severely burned so she continues to have difficulties in her daily life. She has received about 50 operations and treatments to improve her condition, but her face and both hands are severely damaged, making it difficult to recover.

While she was suffering in pain, she came into contact with NFND, joint medical care system Mingyuzhudao (名医主刀) with the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), and this led to a new life. JK Plastic Surgery, which was in charge of the treatment, has continued to invite burn patients from low-income families and incurable young patients from single parent family from other countries such as Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos and Kazakhstan, as well as domestic patients through the NFND campaign.

Zhu juan, who had a fear and anxiety before her first surgery in June, received satisfying results after the surgery and received a second operation with high confidence in hospitals and medical staff. JK plastic surgeons who were in charge of the operation of Zhu juan, explained that if the goal of the first surgery was improvement of the functional part, the second operation would be to soften the scar tissue of the face, neck and upper chest and to improve the wound.

In addition, JK Plastic Surgery has also prepared special experiences for the Zhu juan. Since she stopped going out of the house after the accident, they decided to prepare a Korean culture experience to make a memorable experience in Korea. It was reported that Zhu juan had an unforgettable time, such as wearing a hanbok, walking around Gyeongbokgung and eating Korean food.

On the other hand, JK Plastic Surgery, which presented a new life to Zhu juan, is expected to contribute to the international status and credibility of Korean medical care as an excellent medical institution for foreign patients certified by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, which would be the only plastic surgery institution to do so in Korea. (photo by: JK Plastic Surgery)

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