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Fri Jul 20

GOT7 Releases 3 Unit Teasers Ahead of Album Release

2017-09-28 13:40:52
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[by Ent Team] GOT7 is raising anticipations after releasing unit teasers for their new album.

JYP Entertainment released 3 unit teasers for GOT7’s new album ‘7 for 7’ on the official homepage and various SNS channels on the 28th.

The unit teasers shared three groups: JB and Bambam, Jinyoung and Mark, Yugyeom, Jackson and Youngjae. In each teaser, the members show autumn men’s chemistry and the exotic city gives a deep mood, raising curiosity about the concept for the title song ‘You Are’.
In addition, as GOT7 has become a topic of discussion as it has been disclosed that they will comeback as a whole group and release their new album ‘7 for 7’ on October 10th, the title song ‘You Are’ was lyricized and composed by leader JB (Defsoul). Not only that, but all songs in the album were written and composed by the members, as the public anticipates their constant musical growth.

As JB lyricized and composed JJ Project’s comeback album in 5 years that was released in July, he showed off his musical prowess and through his work on GOT7’s upcoming title song, he will determine his place as a singer songwriter.

Also, GOT7’s comeback is the first in 7 months since their mini album ‘Flight Log: Arrival’ in March. Starting with the track ‘Fly’ in March 2016, and the song full of strong energy, ‘Hard Carry’ in September of that year, and the song with tough and classy masculine sound ‘Never Ever’ of this March, they have finished the 3 part series of ‘Flight Log’ that has received good reviews.

‘Flight Log: Arrival’ rose on the March album charts on Gaon Chart and Hanteo Chart, and reached over 330,000 album sales in the first half of this year, receiving a good result that determined GOT7’s position as a representative male idol group in the music industry.

Also as they rose to the top of Billboard’s World Album Chart for the fourth time, they are under Billboard’s spotlight as the first KPOP group to have that record that many times.

In addition, while GOT7 has had successful promotions as a group, unit group, solo, etc., the new album of GOT7 that is warming up properly for a group comeback is the center of the music industry’s attention.

Meanwhile, including GOT7’s title song ‘You Are’, the new album ‘7 for 7’ will be released on various online music portal sites at noon on October 10th. (photo by JYP Entertainment)


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