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Fri Jul 20

‘City Fisherman’ Lee Kyung Kyu, “Lee Tae Gon, you’re just pretentious”

2017-09-28 15:56:38
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[by Ent Team] ‘Exclamation god’ Lee Kyung Kyu bursts out at Lee Tae Gon.

On the broadcast of Channel A’s fishing trip variety ‘Just Trust and Follow Me, City Fisherman’ on the 28th, psychological warfare sparks between Lee Kyung Kyu and Lee Tae Gon.  

On the 2nd trip to golden fishery Daecheon, Lee Taegon is warmly welcomed by Lee Deok Hwa and different from when it was Microdot, Lee Kyung Kyu keeps Lee Tae Gon in check and shows a sensitive image, making people laugh.  

In the end, Lee Kyung Kyu criticizes everything about Lee Tae Gon even on the boat, “Do it with two hands. Don’t intentionally try to catch a big fish. You’re just pretentious.” He teased him but Lee Tae Gon was nonchalant and showed a peaceful image that made Lee Kyung Kyu even angrier.

Meanwhile, you can check out whether or not ‘fishing cyborg’ Lee Tae Gon that was discouraged by ‘fish Belly man’ Lee Kyung Kyu can recover successfully today (28th) at 11pm on Channel A’s ‘Trust Me and Follow Me, City Fisherman’. (photo by Channel A)


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