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Tue Jul 17

Black Pink to be Special Guests on MTV Japan’s ‘Video Music Awards Japan’

2017-09-28 18:20:58
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[by Ent Team] Girl group Black Pink are making local fans go crazy.
Black Pink appeared as guests on MTV ‘Video Music Awards Japan’ held at Shin-Kiba Studio Coast in Japan on the 27th and had a special performance.

The Japanese version of MTV’s ‘Video Music Awards’, ‘VMAJ’ is an awards ceremony that shows high quality music and music videos through a global music festival style since 2002.  

VMAJ has the appearances of Japan’s best artists as well as Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga, etc. in the past and Korea’s representative KPOP groups such as Big Bang and 2NE1 have participated in the festival as well.

Black Pink that just debuted in August in Japan was not included the VMAJ awards but they were invited as a special overseas guest artist and showed live performances of ‘Boombaya’ and ‘As If It’s Your Last’, raising anticipation for the awards ceremony.  

Meanwhile, Black Pink that just released their mini album in Japan in August, ‘BLACKPINK’, rose to 1st place on Japan’s Oricon Daily Chart, Weekly Chart as well as Tower Records, showing the hot response that they are receiving. (photo by YG Entertainment)


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