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Sun Feb 17

Thunder Releases Self-Produced Song

2017-10-29 00:09:35
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[by Ent Team] Thunder steps up as a solo musician with a new release. 

Agency Mystic Entertainment announced that "Thunder's self-produced song, Ringxiety, will be released on October 30."

Ringxiety has a groovy and refined rhythm for a retro synth pop song. Thunder composed the song in collaboration with Kazef but wrote the lyrics by himself. The song compares the haunting memories of a lost lover with a phone that rings all the time. 

Thunder left MBLAQ in 2015 and released a first solo mini-album last December. His solo career is the opportunity for him to show his various talents as composer, writer and musician. 

Henceforth, Thunder will keep introducing his own musical colors by releasing more self-produced songs. 

Ringxiety will be available on October 30 on several online portals. (photo by Mystic Entertainment)

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