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Island Trio To Continue Broadcast Until Yearend

2017-11-21 22:14:52
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[by Ent Team] Island Trio will air until the end of 2017. 

On November 21, CJ E&M announced that the first season of OLIVE's variety show Island Trio would continue airing until the end of the year: "We will be back with season 2 next spring".

Actors Oh Gwangrok and Jung Sanghoon are currently filming Island Trio on Ochung Island, this segment will be the last of 2017. In the mean time, the show will undergo a rearrangement.

The director of the show stated that "There is a special climate on an island in winter, constructions stop and even most of the inhabitants move towards the land. Thus we will undergo rearrangement in order to reach out to you with an upgraded season 2. We hope that you will anticipate upgrade of Island Trio, spring 2018."

Meanwhile, Island Trio airs every Monday at 10:50PM on OLIVE and tvN. (photo by OLIVE)

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