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Sat Dec 15

Kang Soojung Hosts I Am Chef

2017-11-29 07:07:29
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[by Ent Team] Entertainer Kang Soojung met star chefs. 

On November 22, Kang Soojung unveiled pictures of her with the most popular chefs in the country. This information was brought to light on November 28 by TV Chosun's I Am Chef. 

On one photo, she can be seen smiling brightly between Lee Yeonbok and Sam Kim. She also showed photos of Kim Sohee, whose main activity is in Austria, Park Hyonam and Kwon Woojung. Food program's specialized MC Kim Joonhyun was also spotted on her pictures.

These pictures were apparently taking on the filming set of I Am Chef. Kang Soojung was actually given the opportunity to host the program alongside Kim Joonhyun. She commented her pictures with the following caption: "I Am Chef! TV Chosun, December 10, 9PM, first episode! It was so fun to meet all these star chefs. It's my first time with Kim Joonhyun but I feel like we're getting along."

I Am Chef is the first cooking survivor to air in Korea. (photos by TV Chosun)

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