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Wed Jan 16

A Special Stamp Celebrating Kim Jaejoong Finds Success In Japan

2017-11-29 07:25:43
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[by Ent Team] There is a new stamp celebrating Kim Jaejoong.

On November 28, CJeS announced that "A new set of Kim Jaejoong's special REBOOT frame stamp was released in Japan."

Accordingly, the stamp was already a best-seller a day prior to its release, proving another time that Kim Jaejoong has a huge influence over the Japanese market. 

Kim Jaejoong started having his face on stamps when a stamp company decided to celebrate its tenth anniversary by hiring him as a model. This time only marks the second release. Being a new release, the stamps are entitled REBOOT. 

He published a statement on social media saying "I'm very thankful for it but a second stamp set showing my face was released in Japan. I hope this will become a stamp that you use to mail a letter to someone that you love, or at least that you will keep or cherish it."

Meanwhile, Kim Jaejoong is currently on tour meeting his fans all around Asia. He will stop by the Philippins on November 30. (photo by CJeS Entertainment)

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