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Wed Jan 16

What You Need to Become Like Jo In-sung, Lee Jung-jae, Song Jung-gi to Attract Women?

2017-12-07 16:58:51
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[by Hwang So-hee] A hero in a movie or a drama attracts many female audiences through romantic but masculine character. Most popular Korean actors are tall, handsome but gentle attracting not only Korean fans but also fans from overseas.

Focus if you want to have strong masculinity but gentleness like a hero in a drama. Even if you are not tall or have the perfect appearance, you can still be attractive.

Many celebrities come to your mind when you think of beloved Korean actors. Among them, the most popular celebrities are Jo In-sung, Lee Jung-jae, Song Jung-gi, Park Bo-geom and Kim Soo-hyeon. They are beloved Korean actors not only because of their appearance but also because of their diverse characters and attractiveness shown through movies or dramas.

The common point of their good-look could be the sharp nose that shows their gentle but sturdy masculinity.

Nose is essential to for an attractive appearance as it determines not only one’s face but also one’s overall appearance. Especially, those who have smooth and sharp nose tend to show more attractive look. Even if your nose is not sharp, it can be covered by applying some basic makeup.

Nowadays, many men use simple BB cream that brightens their face skin tone. How about contouring your nose to smoothen it? For curves on your nose, you can pat the contouring cream gently to let it get absorbed for a natural look. 

You can make your nose look sharp with makeup but it is hard to change the shape or size of your nose completely. Therefore, if you are concerned about your nose shape and wish to have a sharp and smooth nose, you could consider having a plastic surgery. 

According to Kim Seong-sik (Plastic Surgeon), the chief of JK Plastic Surgery Clinic located in the center of Korea, Apgujeong, “as nose is located in the center of the face, it determines the overall image of a person and therefore, an attractive nose is essential for achieving a beautiful face. If you are concerned about nose shape such as hooked nose, bulbous nose, you might consider having a nose plastic surgery.    

Nose surgery requires a variety of surgical methods depending on nose shape, size, and concerned area. Therefore, it is essential to find a medical center with skilled techniques and in-depth one-to-one consulting with a surgeon. Chief Kim says, “depending on individual nose shape, surgery method differs. Rather than directing all patients to have a high nose, it is important to make patient’s nose that harmonizes with the facial shape.

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic which was awarded ‘Best International Medical Institution for Foreign Patients’ in Gangnam-gu provides ‘ONE-STOP Pre-surgery Checkup’, a precise medical examination and analysis for patients as the center places patients' needs and safety in the top priority. Besides, full-time anesthesiologist, pain management specialists are ready for 24/7 and it boasts perfect safety system with zero medical accident for 20 years. The center always places patients’ safety first by providing CPR Team for emergency, emergency kit, UPS Power Supply Equipment to conduct surgery in case of power outage, Patient Controlled Analgesia, CRM Monitoring system and more. (photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bnt News DB)


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