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Skin Care Tip to make Luminance Skin in Winter

2017-12-08 10:33:49
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[by Woo Ji An] Cold winter has arrived and any extreme weather condition can damage your skin. Especially, the skin in winter gets extremely dried due to the reduction of sebum on the surface of skin and due to the imbalance of moisture and hydration. Thus, ‘skin luminance’ always appears as a keyword for winter skin care. Focus if you would like to know how to care your skin to make your skin bright and moisturized in chilly weather.

# Toner-wash 

Recently, many beauty bloggers introduced a new way to wash face: by using a toner. This is to dilute toner in water and use it at the end of face wash. It has been known as a good skin-care know-how among overseas bloggers and it recently became a buzzword in Korea.
Many toners for toner-wash have been launched in cosmetic stores and it became a trendy beauty tip. It is highly effective for skin that gets extremely dried after face wash and it smoothens your face by protecting your skin while washing your face.
# 7 Toner-method

After forming a protection film on your skin through toner-wash, moisturize your skin with 7 Toner-method. It is to apply toner 7 times on your face to make your face fully moisturized and it is probably more effective than moisturizing cream. After face wash, wet cotton pad with toner, apply it gently to make your face completely clean. Pat gently to let it get absorbed. Repeat 6 more times. Re-application of toner shall balance moisture and hydration and it is also helpful for oily skin.

# 1 Day 1 mask

It is also known as a skin care method for celebrities. It is the most luxurious way to care your skin at home. If 7-Toner method is not enough for your skin to get fully moisturized, place a face mask on your face for 15-20 minutes. Remove it and have a good sleep to see luminance the next day. It is not only effective in moisturizing but also to exfoliate and brighten your skin. If you would like to have fully moisturized skin in winter, try 1 Day 1 Face Mask from today!

#Editor’s Pick

001 Origintea Flower Water Toner ::: Contains Calendula, Asiatic Pennywort, tea tree, rosemary, lemon grass that reduce skin trouble and help in skin moisturization by promptly moisturizing the skin.

002 Huangjisoo Floral Relief Toner ::: Contains flower-bud chamomile that nourishes and delievers moisturizing effect to deeper part of the skin and helps in reducing extreme dryness. It is a low acid toner for sensitive skin.

003 Keep Cool Ocean Mask ::: Contains deep sea water with calcium, magnesium and other minerals to form moisture film over the skin and consistently moisturizes skin for a whole day. (photo by bntnews DB, Origintea, Huangjisoo, Keep Cool)


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