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Fri Dec 14

The Secrets Of Actresses’ Beautiful Lips

2017-12-14 14:39:35
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[by Min-soo Kim] The actresses, Hee-sun Kim and Hyo-ju Han. They have beautiful and stylish appearance. They are remarkable celebrities with beautiful figures who are attracting women’s attention as women’s wannabe stars as well as men.

Especially, the lipsticks that help to complete their make-up enable them to be more attractive. It helps not only to transform the image but also to express various charms with just its color. If so, what are the beauty items that help theses celebrities to shine. Let’s take a closer look at these two stars’ makeups.


The actress Hyo-joo Han’s pure and feminine make-up that is recently shown in public is in the news. She tried to avoid fancy style, but to create expressions of blemishless clean skin and calmness with eye shadow.

Moreover, she wore a yellow dress with flower pattern creating her own feminine style and also showed off her perfect figure using a coral lip color which is the best item for pure make-up.

In order to create make-up with flawless clean base and coral lip color, applying gently a moist make up base on whole face is important. You can simply style pure make-up selecting 3CE pot lip contained vitamin tree fruit oil and berry complex to give glow vitality to dry lips.


An actress Hee-sun Kim has a slim body and a baby face like 20s despite she is 40s. She appeared on that day boasting a beautiful figure getting attention and constantly loved by the public from 1990 to now, over forty years old.

She showed off her perfect beauty like goodness in one resort collection event with shading make-up softly stressing her deep eyes and emphasized alluring mood with orange brown lip color.

Hee-sun Kim’s lips show us orange brown is this season’s popular color. Classy and lovely style is the point. Specially, 3CE Heart Pot lip with vintage style helps you to shine your color more with high coloring and high moisturizing.

Besides, you can create lovely lip make-up that gives you brightness and vitality and helps moist and smooth lip care by nourishing and moisturizing. Orange brown can express naturally to a pale face and has features that boost a whole face coming together with your own skin color. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda 3CE) 


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