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Fri Dec 14

Air Port Fashion Styling Tips of Stylenanda’s Suggestion

2017-12-14 15:07:19
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[by Min-soo Kim] Stars’ airport fashion always gets an attention because they are not fancy stage costumes usually to be seen but their natural real way fashions. However, airport fashion is not just for celebrities anymore.
As increasing interests of fashion, it has become an important item for ordinary people too. Let’s pay attention here, if you want to catch all women’s eyes this winter. We will take a closer look at winter styling points of Yoon-joo Jang, Sun mi, Suh Hyun in an airport recently.

#Jang Yoon Ju

Jang Yoon Ju appeared at the airport to fly to L.A for poster shooting and showed the dignity as a top model revealing her body which was not changed at all after giving birth. On that day, she showed planeness with basic matches of white T-shirt and black pants and revealed a tasteful airport fashion adding a color added muffler

In addition, she produced a high sensitivity fashion with look of natural but unintended with a neat style without any excrescences which was not too much decorated.

Editor Pick. The core of the airport fashion is to produce natural styles like not decorated too much and add a point in it. The slightly worn coat after matching the neck pola T-shirt and denim pants adds the natural appearance while reviving the mood a lot.

Sun Mi was on her way to the airport for Hong Kong to attend ‘MAMA 2017’. She created stylish feeling with one item, a long padding. Matching a khaki outer and a turtle neck T-shirts was especially trendy for both style and insulation.
Editor Pick. We, stylish women, should not miss long padding in this winter. We could create unique look without other items and look chic and sophisticated when we match with thigh high boots. It must be the best item with practical use and design in these cold weather of this cold wave watch. 

Suh Hyun who is working as a singer and an actress was on her way to the airport for an oversea schedule. She appealed sexy charm stealthy exposing collar born and showed mature beauty with a dot pattern blouse and a denim pants. 
Editor Pick. Long padding helps radiate various attracts and styles sometimes sexy and sometimes stunning. It is very important to wrap up to ankle for long padding and also you can show off your own sexy charm with over sized tee exposing collar born.  (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)


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