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Wed Jan 16

Kim Heechul Talks Romance On TV

2017-12-14 20:40:21
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[by Ent Team] Kim Heechul keeps learning. 

On December 15, Kim Heechul admitted to being a love's fool on JTBC in Perfect on Paper. An applicant with long straight hair and an elegant appearance came out as an illustration of his preferences. 

During the first round which was recently recorded, a question about researching a lover's past came out. While sharing their respective love philosophy, Kim Heechul suddenly told the room that "every time I start dated someone, they ask me which celebrity I previously dated. I always think that honesty is the best so I answer that I dated all of them. But usually they get obsessed with the question and keep asking more."

Singer Lady Jane added to the story, saying, "Too much honesty digs your own grave in a relationship. You have to overcome situations with wisdom."

DinDin harvested the resentment of the female panel that day when sharing a story about one girl friend whose heart and feelings he hardly reckoned. Him and Kim Heechul eventually admitted that "You always learn a lot on TV."

Meanwhile, JTBC's Perfect on Paper is a romance matching program. This episode will air on December 15 at 9PM KST. (photo by JTBC)

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