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Fri Dec 14

Kim You Jung Meets Japanese Fans

2017-12-20 03:10:33
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[by Ent Team] Kim You Jung will meet her Japanese fans. 

On December 19, sidusHQ announced that "Actress Kim You Jung successfully wrapped up fan meetings in Taiwan, Singapore and Korea in 2017. She booked an appointment with 800 of her Japanese fans."

Accordingly, the actress will be holding her first fan meeting in Tokyo at Yamano Hall on February 18 of next year. Many fans requested the opening of an extra session, and this passion from the Japanese for a young Korean actress who hasn't reached her twenties fascinates the industry. 

A representative of her agency said, "It was already a very good thing that You Jung could successfully hold fan meetings in Taiwan, Singapore as well as domestically in 2017, but knowing that the Japanese are also warmly expecting her not only surprised her, it also made her very happy. She is preparing this event very seriously so that she can make as many happy memories as possible." (photo by sinus HQ)

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