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Sun Feb 17

If you Want Trendy Winter Fashion? "Like an idol ~"

2017-12-21 16:55:47
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[by Kim Min Soo] Eye-catching idol styling. Their fashion is always an interesting gossip. As the seasons change, trendy fashion can be seen and idol group members show off their colorful wardrobes.

In particular, each idol group that showed up at the music bank rehearsal and at the airport show off their stylish winter fashion and offer a brilliant visual. Among them, the gaze is concentrated on singer Hyun-a, Mina from Gugudan, and Kei from Lovelyz.
We took a closer look at the trendy winter styling of female idols.


Singer Hyun-a, who has been sweeping the No. 1 spot in QQ Music, the biggest music site in China with her new single album 'Lip & Hip', was caught on her way to Music Bank. The red lip makeup, which was a well-mixed with the racy concept, also showed eventuate her sexy atmosphere.

She created a vintage styling with white t-shirts and denim pants, followed by a padded outer with a check pattern to complete the trendy Daily Look. She also wore a pair of sneakers that emphasize a comfortable feeling to boast an excellent fashion sense.

Editor Pick. Padding jacket made with thick material is the only means to prepare for cold weather and is an item that is fully utilized in winter. You can style it with a mix match concept on denim pants or dresses, and watch out for beige colors instead of classic check patterns.

#Gugudan Mina

Mina, a member of Gugudan, has a clean and cute image. A few days ago, she was on her way to Music Bank rehearsal, and she stood in front of the camera with sophisticated styling. On the day, she wore a turquoise turtleneck knit sweater with a woolen check coat and showed a cool styling that added warmth.

Editor Pick. This winter coat is strong in various items. If you are bored by the plain coat, try a dumble coat made out of fleece that provides a warm feeling. Likewise, if you coordinate with denim pants or slacks, you will be able to offer stylish fashion.

#Lovelyz Kei

Recently, the girl group Lovelyz arrived at the airport to attend their overseas schedule. Among them, member Kei, who is capturing the hearts of male fans with her feminine and bubbly charm, appealed her lovely charms with her style. She completed the airport fashion by adding points with a pink colored jacket and cross back along with a dress with a flower pattern.

Editor Pick. Muffler is one of the items loved by women during the winter. It is also excellent as a daily look, and rhythmically matches any item, so it is the perfect item to be able to complete coordination even with a single muffler. However, depending on the design and material of the muffler, you should pay more attention to the match. (photo by bntnews DB, stylenanda)


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